Peony prints and postcards

High quality offset-litho prints, 24 x 42cm in size, of the miraculous award winning paintings by Margaret Walty that enhance PRGM. Astonishing detail.

pp01Print of P. He Ping Er Qiao£5
pp02Print of P. Qi Lian Nong Xia£5
pp03Print of P. Bing Xian Xue Lian£5
pp04Print of P. Ye Guang Bei£5
pp05Print of P. Jiao Mei£5
pp06 Print of P. Lan He£5
pp07Print of P. Li Chun £5
pp08Print of P. Mo Hei Yin Bo£5
ppx4Choice of any 4£16
ppx8Complete set of all 8£30
pcSet of 8 postcards (including postage)£6
Postage at cost