We are Phedar Research and Experimental Nursery.

The website is gradually being revised so do not be surprised if you notice one or two inconsistencies.

We supply authentic species and some hybrid hellebore plants, authentic species and some hybrid woody peony plants (mudan), a few authentic species and hybrid herbaceous peony plants and a small serendipitous assemblage of other plants that have taken our interest. We also supply seeds of these plants.

Our main objective has been to resolve classification and nomenclature problems in the genus helleborus and the genus paeonia. Two seminal books indicate some success. To do this meaningfully requires true species specimens with impeccable wild provenance. Some of these plants that are surplus to our study requirements, and some exceptional cultivated hybrids that we grow for comparisons, are available for sale. This finances our research and our fieldwork. We do not buy in plants for resale and we rarely propagate plants specifically for sale.

Phedar Nursery is not a ‘normal’ commercial nursery and this is unlike most commercial horticultural websites. The usual pick, click and pay facility is absent. Orders are done by direct email to mclewin@phedar.com and may sometimes need several steps to get the plants you are looking for. If you persist, what you will find is not readily available elsewhere. Books, prints and one or two unexpected items are simpler.